Boise, IDAHO and other places................

Bio: I love Quirky I love antiques I am intrigued by WWII I love nostalgia I love listening to old, glass record albums I love a good night sleep I love long conversations about shit that matters..... or not I love long kisses in the rain I love to snuggle with my kitties I love how quiet it is the morning after a long snow fall the night before I love getting my hands dirty I love to giggle with my sister I love jumping into a hot bubble bath after being out in the cold all day I love a good long laugh I love long walks in a garden full of fresh flowers I love the smell of a fireplace burning in the distance I love Tim Burton and The Cure (Tremendously) I love my family I love my friends I love to travel I love the smell of Frankincense I love candles I love to inspire people and love to become inspired by others I love animals I love a good challenge both physically and mentally I love history I love the present I love anything French I love my heritage and the heritage of others I love the beauty in the mundane and I love the opportunity to be here doing what I love to do. Namaste'

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