Time to talk PIZZA!!!!!!!!

Being a gal from New England comes with its guilty pleasures. Fluid public transport, diversity, culture, and loads of ethnic restaurants everywhere!!! INCREDIBLE pizza, in the tri-state area, is staple and quite well-known.  Check out these links….

Pepe’s Pizzeria, New Haven, CT

Sally’s Pizza, New Haven, CT

New Haven, Little Italy-Wooster Street

A huge influx of Italians came to America between 1880-1924 and I would say the majority landed in my neck of the woods.

Now back to BOISE………..

So I set my goal to find the best pizza I could possibly find in this town. It is imperative that I find a pizza place here!! I have recently posed the question to my local friends in hopes I could successfully find a pie that is at least 1/4 as good as what I grew up with. It’s imperative, otherwise I am left with the task of making my own (which is fine), but it would be nice to find a good spot here in town or in the surrounding area so that when my hard-core Italian family come to visit, I don’t disappoint! This is what a great pizza SHOULD look like–at least in my humble and hungry opinion…/new-haven-pizza-guide-pepe-s-sal  —Crust on the thin side, crispy charcoal edges with softer dough on the inner parts, but NEVER SOGGY, bubbling with fresh mozzarella but not so much of the cheese that you can’t taste the ITALIAN homemade sauce that should cover the pizza evenly and have just enough EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL so that you can taste the fine balance of sauce and cheese to oil ratio and don’t forget the salt and flavors. So many parlors do not season their pizza and it’s so bland. I will say that Every single town/city/state/country (with the exception of Italy (and even then, I must say that New Haven still ranks #1 on my pizza list)—-I have had the same reaction from local residents ….

YOU HAVE TO GO TO “________” <—Insert name of Pizza Parlor here.—“THEY ARE THE BEST” But it’s rare that I agree. Not that I am the Pizza Police or anything……. But having said that only about 2 times in my entire existence as a Pizza loving gal, have I ever been even REMOTELY impressed by any other pizza besides my childhood staple that is well-known throughout the United States and proof of that lies in the endless articles and feuds involving other parlors in the fight for the title!!! Once I was slightly impressed by the big slice that I got at BROOKLYN PIZZA on PICO BLVD. in Los Angeles, and At another spot an old friend took me to but the name of the place evades me now  I was able to convince the chef at this place to leave his comfort zone and make us a white clam pie with garlic and oil and he agreed to do it and it wasn’t bad!! But, it still was not exactly what I was looking for.  When I mention a WHITE CLAM PIZZA to people who are NOT from Connecticut, Italy or the Tri-state area, they look at me as if I asked for their first-born child–and it’s pretty hilarious to see their face contort and their mouths turn down, but  when they taste it…………a new world opens up for them!

So my adventurous search began……..but I took a detour. I needed to stop downtown and visit my favorite candle shop. LIT & CO since I ran out of my favorite holiday scent Cinnamon and Balsam; Which is amazing by the way!! HOLIDAY YUMMINESS!! I highly suggest visiting her streamlined shop full of delicious soy based candles! The owner and I started up a conversation  and we discussed small business for a bit and then began talking about food; of course!!! I mentioned PIZZA and she suggested I go to Casanova Pizzeria on Vista Blvd.


She said if I was looking for a GREAT PIZZA; that was the place to go. Of course, I sort of huffed a bit thinking….“Ya right–doubt it”-— Well, all I can say is my stomach is waiting in grateful anticipation of a WHITE, CLAM PIE full of garlic and Extra Virgin Olive oil and a touch of bacon. So needless to say, my search came to a screeching halt. I was stunned.  CLAM PIZZA IN BOISE?? Really?? AWESOME and Guess why???????  The owner is from CONNECTICUT!!!!!!!!!!!! He mentions NEW HAVEN in his introduction on his menu!!!!

So, I ordered my pie and as I looked around his restaurant and saw the CONNECTICUT HIGHWAY 1 sign tucked back into the corner of the bar area, I began to feel little homesick but then got excited to know that a little piece of my heritage and history is about 1 mile from my house and that made me smile and feel all warm inside. 

His pizza looks the part; SMELLS the part…and it tastes as close to the original as I could possibly as for!  I am now one happy I-talian!!!!


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